To meet our customers’ unique needs, we tailor our solutions to solve the most challenging technological applications

We offer cost-effective turn-key solutions in the automatic inspection field. Machine vision systems enable inspection of a broad range of tasks, spanning from presence detection to locating defects in complex patterns. We use traditional machine vision and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate critical steps in the production chain.

Customized machine vision system solutions.

Machine vision systems improve product quality and increases productivity and profitability. Monotonous labor, such as quality control or production monitoring, is eliminated.

We provide turn-key solutions with smart cameras as well PC-based multi camera systems. We work with both 2D and 3D cameras and use traditional machine vision as well as the latest in Deep Learning (AI).

Application examples...

Presence verification

Presence verification of components is effectively carried out with machine vision, for example print inspections or assembly checks.

Surface inspection

A common application is to ensure that surfaces are free from scratches, nicks, dents, pores and other defects.

Quality assurance

In addition to presence verification, gauging and surface inspection, vision systems also provide important data that can be used to build robust production processes by locating root causes of failures or reducing process variations.

Robot based inspection

Some objects may be large or complex shaped, which make them hard to inspect with fixed mounted cameras. By letting a robot move a camera, often all necessary positions can be covered with just one camera.

OCR / OCV and code reading

Many products are marked with text, brands or codes. A broad range of vision products are available for reading texts and codes. Most often these products also handle additional quality inspections.


Manual gauging is both monotonous and time consuming, which is why it is often replaced with a vision system. Our vision systems provide very high accuracy. For critical and challenging applications, please feel free to consult us to make sure that sufficient accuracy is achieved.