Our vision

"Creating state-of-the-art machine vision products"


”Creation” – is an important word that means we can create exactly what our customers need through collaboration and creativity in our daily work.


Our experience and expertise in machine vision technology enable us to be at the forefront of technology to create state-of-the-art, high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.


We deliver advanced but user-friendly products that help customers increase their profitability, sustainability, productivity, and quality.

Your supplier of high quality machine vision based automation

Our history began in the early 2000s in the Swedish nuclear and automotive industry where we quickly learnt to deliver high quality machine vision system to customers with high demands. Today, more than 20 years later we analyze over 300 million images every day in advanced applications at the leading manufacturers within every industry from automotive to consumer goods. 

Our products and solutions maximize the quality and automation for our customers. With this there is a reduction of waste, which in turn leads to better sustainability, higher productivity and profitability. 

After being independent since our founding in 2002, we joined Svevik Industri group in 2017.

2002 ╼

Our CEO, Magnus Lundberg, founds Mabema after getting his MSc and spending two summers working at Forsmark’s nuclear power plant.

╾ 2004 ╼

We begin installing machine vision systems for quality inspection in the manufacturing industry.

╾ 2008 ╼

Volume measurement of timber starts as a pre-study project.

╾ 2011 ╼

We begin developing our robot guidance product FINDER and introduce it to the market.

╾ 2014 ╼

We deliver our first machine for quality inspection of ammunition.

╾ 2018 ╼

We build our first complete robot cell for bin-pciking of crown wheels.

╾ 2020 ╼

Delivery of our biggest Vision Inspection project – quality inspection of brake discs at AC Floby.

╾ 2022

We expand to new facilities and celebrate 20 years as a company.

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