These are challenging times, with great concern around the world. The last three years we had to experience the COVID-19 pandemic and in the beginning of last year a devastating war broke out in Ukraine. Unfortunately, these are challenges we must continue to confront in 2023. Despite the current situation in the world, there are big business opportunities. Sales of robotic automation have reached unprecedented levels with companies like Mabema capitalizing on the trend by increasing the number of cameras per sold robot. During 2022 we have carried out numerous replacements of outdated vision systems for customers seeking greater machine availability, a trend we think will continue in 2023.

As we move forward into the new year, we have the ambition to maintain our momentum and set new sales records. Simultaneously, we aim to accelerate the development of our product FINDER, which will feature additional smart functions and new cameras to better meet our customers’ needs. As the market grows it will be more and more important to put the customer in the center of product development.

While market uncertainty and an anticipated recession in traditional industries may have a negative impact, sectors such as energy and electrification are performing better than ever before. Regardless of the industry, it is now more crucial than ever to optimize production costs through increased automation.

We look forward to continued successful projects with our partners and customers throughout 2023.

Text: Peter Andersson, Head of Robot Vision

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